Its Not Easy


When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

It is important to live life in the moment.

One day, itโ€™s all going to end.

Maya. Maya is the unreal reality, of a world, which one develops a belongingness with. The moment of crisis lifts up the Maya as a new reality comes into being. The world once believed to be eternal perishes in a momentsโ€™ notice. Death is the best example for a moment of crisis.

What isnโ€™t easy is the acceptance as most resist before that which is inevitable. There is no looking back. Yet, itโ€™s not easy to let go. Scars take time to heal. Healing process itself is very challenging.

Those who gracefully accept with a snap of fingers are priceless. Priceless because theyโ€™re prone to sacrifice, embracing new beginnings with zest. They do not hold onto the emotional baggage of attachments towards the journey they walked or the hardships( like a spider weaves a web which gets swept in one stroke by a broomstick, like a sand castle that gets crushed by stomping by accident) which came in their way to reach that which they have acquired or those they are with, after enduring great pain and are now being compelled to leave it all behind, before moving on.


Melissa Junke, Rachel Kiskaddon, Jack Strunk, Stef Kennedy, Marcy Sauers, roger craik, S A Howard, Sonja Cudmore, Alexandra Beitia, James Kityo, Andrรฉ Leveque, Dana Rodney, Susanne Lambert, Robert Giambo, Ellen Coffey, Kate Abed, John Miller, CARRAGH Knapp, Donna Burtch, Cathy Hollister, Edward McManis, Sarah K. Frederiksen, J. Amber Griffin, W. Alexander Dunford, Kayla Branstetter, Peter Myer, Bree Leto, Anna Burnett, HR Cameron, Gabriel McLeod, Marcella Simon, Kendreana Challenger, Joni Caggiano, Terrence Mifsud, Sarah Gorban, Grace Gifford, Amanda Shaw, Ari Cubangbang, Lara McDavit, Ananya Venkatachalam, Max Stone, Claudia Greenwood, Max McCoubrey, Saba Nourollahi

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Susanne Lambert- its not easy.
Susanne Lambert
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Sarah Gorban
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