Hitting The Dead End (E-book)


This book aims at projecting stories which help in overcoming the feeling of hopelessness.

Those moments are real when one faces a situation in life when they are forced to believe, the contrary of  ‘There is always a way’. Through these stories we hope to make our readers see, the roadblocks they face, are never permanent.

The fighter spirit in you braves the way, which the faint-hearted give- up footprints believe don’t exist. All one needs to discover is the trigger which ignites their fighter spirit.


Authors –

Angela Townsend,  Jen Susca,   Mark Goetsch, Joshua Shepherd, Elizabeth Lee, Peter Rustin,  Alef  Theta,  Leah  Skay,  Kacie Menendez, Nathan Gehoski,  Elizabeth Ajumobi, Cooper Lederman,  Michael Koch, Jason Armstrong,  Lane Cejka,  Bryce Taylor,

Finnegan Crawford,  Bronte Pearson,  Romanita Campanelli, Jon Slavin
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