Historic Tales (E-book)


Why do we tell stories?   

There is a myriad of reasons. Stories can be a way to gain some control over the world. It shows us patterns in chaos and meaning in randomness.   Stories allow you to peek into someone else’s head to see how they think.   Stories affirm what we believe but also challenge us. Stories entertain and can make us cry.


In Historic tales, the editor took the technology of creative storytelling seriously to give us a basis to do better as a nation.   These writers wielded their craft like a laser to penetrate why people do what they do. The emotion flows freely. The underlying theme is history, but also the heart itself. With the delicacy of masters, the writers laid bare what all of us, to some extent, feel inside. 


Historic tales – a collection of short stories give you 26 stories to mull about.   It is a symbiotic exchange between the teller and the listener – and you are continually ready for more. 


Consider ‘The Wonsie,’ one of the stories by Marcelino Raygoza.   Marcelino’s childhood friend sends him an Oakland Raider Onesie for his baby girl as a joke. Marcelino dresses Chloe in the onesie for a Raider’s Game and soon realizes that the Raiders win every time he does this.   As the season progresses, the wins pile up as Chloe lies asleep in her ‘wonsie’ alongside her dad.   


The Raiders and one baby girl.   Could it be that she was their lucky charm?   

Read Historic tales to get to the ironic twist in this fascinating short story.

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