Having Coffee Reading Shakespeare (E-book)


Bespoken words inked with blood

Never go unheard, unread :

They who neglect to read, your heart like an open book;

Only having ever learnt how to read, where they can see and touch, the bloody ink.

It is cruel and yet it runs like the veins the world is fuelled with –

Alas! Someday soon, an awakening, so desperateย ย shalt bring forward

And lead mankind to become determined to dig that grave,

An awakening call shalt unearth that text, mining out invaluable knowledge

Where, the texts lie waiting to be read.

Texts that teach the art of reading another’s heart like an open book.

Shalt teach the art to the world of how to listen to that which another expressed but youse couldn’t hear;

Art of reading the unspoken unwritten words like Telepathy, Face Reading, eye contact andย ย body languageย ย ..

will transform life trends so that,

Thy sees the other before their words get inked with blood and the damage has already been done.

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