Armageddon : Poems Depicting Self Conflicting Thoughts (E-book)


A unique collection of poems exploring the nature of self-conflict. In the era we live today, the trending rise of self conflicting thoughts is a matter of great concern for civilizations and the human race in general irrespective of all differentiations born between one from another.


Gina Kondraros, Roberto Garcia, Alison O’Connor, Justin Byrne, Suzanne Eaton, Muqitha Ismail, nadia yahyapour, Cyril Baaku, Kiara Harrison, Yakoub Mousli, Dhara Son, Jillian Reis, audrey coleman, Tori Thibodeaux, Jamal McCray, Lela McMurray, Adrian Voss, Mykyta Ryzhykh, Kirsten Liang, Ron Scully, Clement Abayomi, Kate Glenn, Abra Gist, PATTY CICERO, Crystal Barker, Sharnta Bullard, Eugene Anthony Garone,

Dillan Tidd, Claire Hilton, John Miller, Candace Mckenzie, Joanne Rupp, Alan Keith, Vanessa Bernice De La Cruz,

Amanda Fozzy, Jae Riley, Amanda Fozzy, Nicholas Hattam, Magnolia Weylie, terry brinkman, Antonio Route

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