The After


The After: A Farewell to a Planet?


Never underestimate the planet’s ability to healโ€ฆ and humankind’s ability to destroy it.


Through this captivating collection of poems, The After: Poems Only a Planet Could Love author Terry Dawson takes us on a thought-provoking journey that serves as an ominous warning of the dangers ahead and a call to bring out the best in us humans. Dawson’s poems explore the beauty and fragility of our planet and remind us of our responsibility to protect it. In moving, powerful verses, he reminds us of our interconnectedness with nature, and of the consequences of our actions.


And with the clock ticking down on the planet and things turning increasingly difficult. This book is a refreshing collection of poems that bring hope and a sense of wonder about our world, despite the challenges we are facing.


Will this be a lonely cry in the middle of eternity?


Or a spark of light with unpredictable consequences?


Itโ€™s up to each one of us.


Immerse in the Poems by Terry Dawson and imagine, workโ€ฆand heal a planet.


Start your journey today.


Are you ready?

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