Swinging Through Childhood (E-book)


This book is a collection of short childhood stories written by different writers from around the world. Aย  short storybook for all age groups especially for those who want a glimpse of their childhood days.


Take a short break and enroll yourself back in the golden days of your life which already passed, i.e. yourย  childhood. Recall those memories of innocent acts, headless talks, tension free wanderings, endless joys and many more uncountable feelings. Recollect those broken or forgotten moments with the help of this story book and experience life as a child again. Take this time travel trip and relive every single moment of your childhood without thinking of what lies ahead.


The stories are written in simple language, which makes them easily understandable and keeps the adults/child glued to the book for hours. Each story in the book drizzles pure childhood innocence which you aregoing to feel for sure.


This compilation of short stories from the author will definitely take you back to those days.

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