RoadTrip to El Dorado (E-book)


My road trip fromย Guntana, that is : putting the needs of others before my own to becoming a self-made man, is one that needed immense amount of self-confidence, determination and grit.


There were many pitfalls, speed breakers and punctured tyres that surfaced, on the way, sometimes as an outcome of those vile intentions of others who met me.


But when the destination was set, my focus was strong. I embraced every friend and foe, because theyโ€™d fuelled my vehicle.


The ability of letting go and not being weighed down by ego, drove my vehicle. Musing over momentous occasions garnering impermanence of time and small pleasures, that only lasted, till I closed my eyes.


I was optimistic. Iโ€™d tell myself, โ€œMore the number of challenges and as intense as each of those challenges will be, the better โ€“ because it takes a lot to make it toย El Dorado.โ€

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