Remarkable It Is


These poems were written in my late seventiesโ€”thus the subtitle. They are both descriptive and meditative, and include reflections on growing old in an increasingly troubled world (global warming, wars). The titleโ€”Remarkable It Isโ€”refers to the poetโ€™s calling to notice things that most of us take for granted (such as our breathing and our hearts beating) but that actually constitute the miracle of our being alive. These poems range from the playfully wistful, to the probingly thoughtful (about old age and the specter of mortality as well as our place in the universe), and the satirical (especially about contemporary politics and world events). The poems in this new collection reflect a โ€œlate lifeโ€ outlook, but they also speak to perennial topics and experiences that readers of all ages should be able to relate to.

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