One Night Stand (E-book)


In life, there are travel holidays that break the mundane routine โ€“ some completely sudden yet much needed. Halts that rejuvenate, re-vitalize, encapsulate vigor. In such a manner, that emotions are able to pace up till they reach the finish line of life.


The origin of active desire and its passive negligence, Kama Bhed (Desire : Kama; Differences in the way itsโ€™ looked at : Bhed), are driven by motion. Motion here speaks of: the actions of ancestors, our upbringing, self-image drawn from circumstances we face, other likenesses โ€“ simply put โ€˜the way life happensโ€™ย to an individual, to us. These factors decide the frequency of ONE NIGHT STANDS in oneโ€™s life. Which is why perception makes the same act become a failure for some, success for others.


These stopovers, ironically trigger fresh pursuits into action where the heart says, โ€œThereโ€™s still so much to live for.โ€

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