Now That You Are Gone From This World


Poems of Grief, Loss, and The Search for Healingโ€ฆNow That You Are Gone from This World


Readers who love poetry collections will want to immerse in the delicate variety of poems contained in this new compilation โ€œNow That You Are Gone from This Worldโ€. With engaging and heartwarming poetry that will keep you turning pages, this collection brings an emotionally intense, and yet fascinating sense of healing, through the loving and fond memories inside these pages.


Hereโ€™s a short list of the poems youโ€™ll find:


See You.

The Weeping Willow.

July 7

The Amber Line

The Silent Hills of Memory


And more!


Take the journey alongside an eclectic group of poets as they help you acknowledge, understand, and accept the grieving process at the very high spiritual and emotional level that only poetry can achieve.ย  Find the support and hope you need for your soul during those painful moments by the hand of the poetic words of people who understand.


Will you embark on the vibrant journey of poetry?

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Echo Quinn, Lindsay-Rose Dykema, Tamara Nasution, A.G. Travers, Amy Massingale, Irma Kurti, Justin Parks, Jessica Graham, Claudine Carmel, AJ Lane, Eleanor Stanton, Jessica O’Brien, Sean Lennon, Maxence Morel Dierckx, Ryan Madsen, Peter James, Cecilia Van Strijp, Gavin Bourke, Donna Harlan, Samantha Wilson, Madi Haggland, Oleg Feoktistov, Ashley DeMar, Marc Martรญnez, Shelbey Leco, Brenda Arledge, Alexis Tolkkinen, Jamie Metzgar, Brianna Cross, Amy Stevens, Sarah Levine, Adrian Harte, Paul Kiernan, Lily Mayo, Hanna Abi Akl, Timiko Collins, Buduziri Owhonda, Sharnta Bullard, Sophia Caselnova, Elizabeth Wadsworth Ellis, Sohrab Mosahebi, Ladi Mabela, Jessica Porter, Mindy Reese, Suzanne Eaton, Josie Emmons Turner, Deb Nordlie, Karl McOmber, Gaayatri Sivanantham, Tanner Rubino, Sarah Goldberg, Emma Datson, Anna Zilbermints, Lisa Marie Nava, Kristina Georgieva, Kathleen Chamberlin, Mandy Smith, Idalis Wood, Sadie Grace, Jenn Johnson

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Jessica O'Brien
Allyson Casstevens
Sadie Grace
Mandy Smith-Williams
Kristina Georgieva
Lisa Marie Nava
Lisa Marie Nava
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