Laugh Out Loud


Talking of Dirty Laundry, Dates and โ€œNoguchiโ€ โ€ฆLaugh Out Loud: A Collection of Funny Poems


If you are determined to stay cool, and positive and survive the negativity of the news and people around you, then this is the book for you, read it and allow yourself to feel healthy emotional changes from the inside out to relieve stress, feel motivated, and find the bright side in any situation fast.


Excerpt from Dirty Laundry:


โ€œShe hung it out there on the lineโ€”as if nobody cares,

I hated to see her dingy clothes, as she pinned her barely-washed wares.

She must not know what sheโ€™s doingโ€”I wish sheโ€™d get a clue!

At least the sun will sanitizeโ€” (if only people knew).โ€


Other poems youโ€™ll find inside:

  • I Dated a Doctor Once
  • I Want to Delete My Facebook, But . . .
  • Lunch Date
  • โ€œNoguchiโ€


And more!!


The publisher masterfully combined the best of several brilliant poets into a refreshing book filled with surprises and addictive humor inside Laugh Out Loud.


Do you want to benefit from a good laugh?

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Coen van der Wolf, Garima Kumari, Ryan Files, Megan Leigh, Mike Ball, Shiela Scott, Makenzie Ozycz, Tom Squitieri, Lewis Siragusa, John Muldowney, Katryn Broadoak, Sophia Bourne, Stuart Forrest, Olivya Hogan, Carl “Papa” Palmer, Jackson Timmer, Robert Gold, Alan Keith, Rebecca Rodrigues, Maria Carrera, John Miller, Jennifer Coss, Jared Pearce, Adrienne Christian, Rich Glinnen, Linda Castronovo, Dexter Simpson, Lauren Fregia, Ryan McCabe, Suzanne Eaton, Michael Troutman, Eugene Anthony Garone, Max McCoubrey, Cathy BLUE, Lisa Delan, Eilian John, Saumya Verma, Daniella Lepri, K.T. Reid, Hunter Casperson

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Hunter Casperson
K.T. Reid
Daniella Lepri
Saumya Verma
Eilian John
Cathy Blue
Max McCoubrey
Max McCoubrey
Michael Troutman
Ryan Mccabe
Lauren Fregia