Joys Of Aging (E-book)


This great English Poetry Anthology contains the Most Famous Poems from different writers around the globe. Dating from different periods, from different regions. These famous poems remain Masterpieces of English Literature and continue to inspire, motivate and influence people all over the world. This poetry compilation comes in the size of 5.5×8.5 inches and is perfect as a gift for poetry lovers, literature students, and teachers or to complete your own book collection.


These poems are excerpts of the book’s content:


A Faded Rose Glory – by Shani Naeema

Life Keeps Going – by Jennifer Ayala

PIVOT POINT – by Alan David Pritchard

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS – by Ana Delgadillo

SONNET OF TIME – by Lynn Portillo



Vilya Levitskiy, Hope Cotter, Anne Marie Brown, Jennifer Ayala, Quinn Li, Kris Whorton, Evelyn Hampton, Kristina Sargent, Laura Trigg, Ava Compagnoni, Max McCoubrey, Anne Green, Tessa Morgan, Asa Brown, Erik Peters, Dannielle Pendzich, Leslie Frisbee-Moeller, Shani Naeema, Lynn Portillo, Suzanne Eaton, Leon O’Chruadhlaoich, LR Berger, Gloria Williams Tran, Stefan Sullivan, Alan Pritchard, Ana Delgadillo, Gabby Gilliam, Ida Lewenstein, Ronald Haigh, LJ Farrow, Sarah Myers, Sam Love, Christina Mylonas, Eric Shorter, Hattie Hayes, Anda Peterson, Gloria Nixon-John, Girard Tournesol, Gavin Bourke, Ali Flynn, Deb Nordlie, Breda Schwarz, Joyce, Suzanne Frank, Philip Redo, Curt Alderson, David Shaddock, Kate MacDonald, Christine Adams, Sonja Cudmore, jJan Schmidt, Vanessa Watters

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