e-Leading Arrogant Lives


Nothing that I do can be attributed solely to me, alone.

The moment this realization fizzles out and I start believing that am superior to everyone around me

and that I am all important and powerfully skillful; I mutely discredit all those people who have

contributed in making me who I am. Who stood by my side: in peril and merriment, and made me

achieve everything Iโ€™ve ever achieved.

Itโ€™s the moment which feels amazing but it is short lived. True downfall feels really good until the

parasite binds you and reality strikes which makes one see that theyโ€™ve touched rock bottom.

Theyโ€™ve lost everything. Everything and everybody they once held dear.

Then they see and tell themselves, โ€œI started to take everyone for granted believing theyโ€™d stay with

me, irrespective of how I had behaved with them. Not realizing that โ€˜Iโ€™ became my deadliest enemy.โ€

In pursuit of happiness I repetitively embraced grief. Telling myself, โ€ How else will I identify

happiness when I come face to face with it!โ€

When โ€˜Iโ€™ becomes so important to myself, the appreciation I have for what others have done or are

doing, starts to fade and depreciates into me believing that โ€˜Only I, have ever done something for


Where, I finally see that even a king follows the discipline of meeting the masses, heeding their

bequests and fulfilling them. He does so because it is the faith of the people, which makes the king a

ruler, an emperor. Thus, retains that modesty in him. Alone, he cannot rule anybody, for the better

or worse.

Then, why do people become arrogant and faithless?

Are the hardships of life so precious?

.. that it is chosen to be held as a mark of excellence, a trophy..

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