“Aftermath:ย  Reflections on Near-life experiences,” by Dr. Michael Roberts, is a collection of poetry that examines the divergence between one’s goals, aspirations, hopes, and dreams and the reality of life.ย  This collection examines the “what-if,” “if only” and “what might have been” moments that people experience on their human journey.ย  The book consists of unvarnished reminders that the life one has wished for and the life that was lived were sometimes disappointing or fell short of our expectations.ย  The poems recount the quests for interpersonal connection, spiritual relationships, and quests for self-fulfillment that were left unsatisfied.ย  The book was originally inspired by interactions with old friends at reunions or other gatherings, and the resignation with which they often tell their life’s stories.ย  The pictures of life we draws in elementary school and hang on refrigeration may bear little resemblance to portrait that manifests our experiences in older age.ย  Ultimately, the “aftermath” is a testimony to the resourcefulness and resilience of people to prevail over the unexpected and unintended.

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