Xylem Justice Is Served


Only the well deserved subjects know the flavor of the food when Justice is served to them. That same food is served to all, but only the deserving get to tasteย thatย flavor.

The ingredient used in preparing the food, eaten as a staple diet, is Truth. When one ingests truth, they even project truth out into the world, in everything they say or do.

Like a mirror image of the Sun, they propel a discipline day after day. They observe variance in everyday as theyโ€™re in sync with Time. They enjoy the Sublimity, which can only be felt, unique aboutย that particular day.

There is no better friend than ones preoccupation.

Trials of patience and loyalty, challenge them. But then, the rewards of patience is unparalleled satiety. The rewards of loyalty is an impeccably clean and divine self. The person doesnโ€™t need another to present them these. They know that its come to them, as their babies.

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Traci Musick-Shaffer
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