Where Have All The Bluejays Gone


โ€˜Come home to me.โ€™

Love hurts. The pain of heartbreak comes from deep within because we all need to feel loved, nurtured, and protected. If love is not returned, there are no emotional warmth and dependable kindness. It takes real bravery to think about these issues and try to get love right.ย ย ย 


In โ€˜Where have all the Blue Jays gone?โ€™ Jennifer Ayla explores the continuum between protective, comfortable, calm, passionate love and parasitic, negative love.ย ย 


The lopsidedness of relationships sometimes causes us to lose our way, our ‘home,’ and finding a way back is never easy.ย 


โ€˜I have redeemed myself as a hopeless romantic,โ€™ Jennifer writes in her introduction to this poetry collection. ‘But I also know now what love is not.โ€™

This outstanding poetry collection gives you poetry about love, but in more ways than one. It only takes one person to change how you think about love โ€“ thatโ€™s the comfort we’ll always have. โ€˜Where have all the Blue Jays gone?โ€™ gives you love in all its facets so that you can heal and be ready when real love walks through the door.

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