Questions We Didn’t Ask Outloud


โ€˜It sends electricity up your spine.โ€™ย 

William Wordsworth once defined poetry as โ€˜the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.โ€™ย 


Mars Hetherson, through innovation in form and word choice, wrote this evocative bundle which provokes in the reader a range of intense emotions:ย  From joy to sorrow, anger to love. The poems surprise the reader with โ€˜Ah-ha!โ€™ experiences and give revelation, insight, and understanding of elemental beauty and truth.ย 


Mars Hetherson is a lesbian poetry writer, and this bundle represents her struggle in a world where only one belief system was law.ย ย ย 


โ€˜This tells the story of my silence,’ Mars writes in the introduction. ‘I am now ready to cut out the dead child from within and show her to the world.โ€™


Through these 25 sensitive and raw poems, we enter Marsโ€™s world. We learn that people from the LGBT community can be treasures to society โ€“ a blessing that we might easily miss if we do not stop and engage for a while.ย 


‘Questions We Didnโ€™t Ask Out Loudโ€™ is intelligent writing and a compass to true morality. So, stop, read, and reflect. You won’t be sorry.

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