A Futile Attempt At Delaying The Inevitable


โ€˜Poetry is the shadow cast by our streetlight imaginations.โ€™ โ€“ Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Hey, you! ย  Can you explain what it means to be โ€˜humanโ€™? ย  Imagine someone confronts you with this question on the street. Most of us will โ€˜hmmโ€™ and โ€˜haaa,’ but Adam Webb gets it.ย 


Born in America, Adam spent a lot of time experiencing what exotic cultures could give and tried to understand what it means to be living in the here and now. ย  He went on to chisel the marble of language to provide us with something real and tangible to think about.ย ย 


โ€˜The book began in my hometown,’ Adam says, โ€˜and then developed through traveling.โ€™ Adam spent time living in Europe, Southeast Asia, Thailand, and Japan.ย 


Adam touches the soul with inspirational titles such as โ€˜Life Scene,’ โ€˜In the Early Summer, across the Lake from the City,’ โ€˜Poems in four seasons,’ and โ€˜Stitched Fragments.’ย  The poems are deceptively simple and require more than one reading before their total weight can sink in. Adamโ€™s mentors are, amongst others, James Wright, Pablo Neruda, Ernest Hemingway, and Carl Jung.ย 


This book might be โ€˜a futile attempt of delaying the inevitableโ€™, but at the same time, it smacks you in the face with its raw look at life. ย  This is a bundle for poetry lovers and seekers of inspirational titles alike.


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