She Walks With Butterflies

Author: Crystal Barker

       She stands steadily,
        face to face, listening 
        as he tells a tale
        of doubt and suspicion.

        She notices 
        no anger explodes this time,
        no ill will is felt
        nor does she take ownership 
        of untruthful transgressions.

        She embraces unattachment,
        inhaling light
        (content in thought) 
        that in time he may also see 
        through unfogged lenses.

        Feeling the pulse
        of freedom
        and precious release
        on earthly matters
        sheโ€™s repositioning,
        she resembles a sacred toran,
        sturdy, colorful, beckoning
        atop Saddle Peak Road.

        As affirmation of her journey
        she finds herself the path
        of a great butterfly migration,
        stands with arms upraised,
        watching with wonderment,
        marveling in the parallel of she and they,
        of fragile appearance that belies such power
        swooping in the swirling windsโ€”
        they ballet her a gift,
        pointing in the direction of true north,
        an applause from the universe
        celebrating her transformation.

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