In Manspeak

Author: Crystal Barker

He confesses his love. 
Vulnerable and risk taking,
   he lowers the draw bridge over moat, 
   flings open the heavy gates 
   and swoops her into his kingdom.
Quickly crowning her his beloved; 
   changing castle’s reference from his to theirs; 
   meshing his masculine and with her soft feminine, 
   lining the inside with silk of pink and white orchid leaves 
   for her comfort.
Like a hummingbird she sips; 
   he nourishes her energetically.
Understanding her circle and relationship to others, 
   he embraces those whom she carries and treasures, 
   willing to shadow her stride, 
   fearless, welding added support.
He plans toand executecelebrates her birthday party surprise 
   and shares it with their fold;
   he is grateful to their universe creator 
   for the day she was born 
   and revels in her, and all, knowing so.
He provides for her a four wheeled chariot, 
   both for comfort and to gift her a sense of freedom
   for he knows she is not one to be tied down 
   or burdened with boundaries.
He bears with her temper and sleeps with her snores, 
   each day finding her more desirable
   knowing she is the one that will be his only.
Whether she is in his presence or merely in his thoughts, 
   his heart pounds with the ache of love.
He is aware that his tongue may at times be mute 
   to the poetic words
   of which she had read 
   and as well desires to have echoed in her keen ears.
So, he works patiently to craft her 
   a book of translation 
   with a legend
   illustrating the characters of man language;
   bridging the world of his actions, 
   into brush stroked words 
   of poetic stanzas 
   which reveal 
   his heart is even more filled
   than that which was written 
  in volumes of Rumi love. 

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