I Am What I Am

Author: Roberto Garcia

i @m what i @m
i am just an arrogant boy whoโ€™s so insecure i live without joy
an arrogant  boy  who’s always so needy, if you show me love i’ll just become greedy 
so down in the dumps my soul is so hopeless, don’t ask where i stay, i’m actually homeless
i live all alone, self pity i condone with anger as a friend, no it’s not just a trend 
can’t blame no one else for me being lost, always took a chance, no matter the cost 
i am the one who never took it serious, all fun & games, till i become delirious
i am the one who got by on his charm, better keep it moving i will cause you harm
don’t take my word for it, i’m most likely lying, if you  trust or believe me, we’ll both end up crying 
i am the one who can’t get it in gear, someone please take the wheel, i’m just driven by fear 
the scars on my face all have a story, none are amazing or told for the glory 
it is what it is pretty soon i’ll be dying, not what you think… i said i be lying 
i may dye my hair, for i see so much grey, or just accept as my youth fades away 
I apologize for my dark humor, it’s just how I deal, i’m a really late bloomer 
they say that the whiskey stunted my growth, became my new master & I can’t serve them both 
do my words sound crazy as I read them out loud? I guess I’m just weird, never ran with a crowd 
i’ll get to the point before I start crying. i’ll make this up beat, because now i’m flying 
i go all around from town to town, spreading a message about the road i went down
now i am grateful not one to complain, give me a sec allow me to explain 
i’m done wasting time, obstacles i will climb, i must persevere day by day face my fear 
to find out what’s inside all the pain i would hide 
a past life full of trauma, decisions made off drama ????
This new way of life, really works if I let it, I can open an app & smile at my credit
i’m on a new vibe, finally home with my tribe, amongst family who loving said to me 
“join us so you can finally be, in a new life happy joyous & FREE”
for i am what iam & that’s all that i’ll be  
Roberto Garcia 8/2021

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