Author: Adrian Voss

She turns on the dollhouse lamplight
a subtle luminescence inside her mind

she sits at the tiny desk, purses her lips
reminded sheโ€™s got 17 seconds

to let go of a thought before it manifests
she sees the words; the masquerade of intent

arches and waves a flag of surrender
as her habit tries to press her down

recycling the dystopian happenings
a part of the critical mass mentality

an amber scent pervades the air
cleansing the emotional body 

shedding context and comparisons at her side
she attaches and detaches at the same time

as a little brown bird, no one wants to buy or sell
chirps, ready to defend its nest that is everywhere

and she releases the house sparrow from its cage 
no longer under the illusion of an addiction town

left only with the willingness to question her conclusions 
stepping outside the rewindโ€”a patriot of nowhere.

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