Gratitude For The Sister I Never Had

Author: Eugene Anthony Garone

You are the sister I never had,
Each by second birth.
Difference in age by years of two,
Godโ€™s gift for us on Earth.

We talk each day twice or more.
You say, โ€œAre you OK?โ€
I ask, โ€œSo what are you rushing for?โ€
You answer, โ€œHave an enjoyable day.โ€

I taught you how to walk down steps,
as we walked, I held your hand.
and you held mine to learn the truth
so grateful you understand.

Our numbers mostly all the same, 
Yet only eight of nine.
Sometimes we donโ€™t see eye to eye,
but eight out of nine is fine.

We spun around on the carnival ride, 
it gave us a quite a whirl.
and when life got us dizzy, 
we went for one more twirl.

Some say that we are very good
better than siblings are we.
Never taking life for granted
how mischievous we can be.

Should they put us into jail
and throw away the key?
Yes, we thought, but we never got caught,
too clever you and me.

We cherish all our memories
to us each one is clear.
And yet the days are passing by
year after year after year.

So, if life ends and sets me free.
no reason to be sad.
In gratitude I will always be,
for the sister I never had.

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