Don’t Look Back

Author: Terry Miller

Don’t look back; it’s about the future.
ย  ย  No, No! Think; the past; it’s who you are.
The past, the past, there’s filth back there.
ย  ย  Some love and soft warmth, too, there must be.
You think? Look ahead: a whole new path.
ย  ย  You know the old path: it’s memories.
There are new people and friends to make.
ย  ย  What about your old friends, family?
Old friends! They left you, let you down!
ย  ย  Or was it you let them down? Think, think!
They all hate youโ€”even you hate you!
ย  ย  Love yourself, explain; they’ll understand.
No! They will detest you even more.
ย  ย  You can’t lose your past; it’s always there.
Yes, you can! Just turn your back and walk.
ย  ย  That’s leaving; not erasing.
Don’t look back; youโ€™ll only get hurt.
ย  ย  By what, by who? You’re hurting yourself.
When you were back then, what did you do?
ย  ย  That was a cry for help; you were lost.
Look ahead: no one knows. You are new.
ย  ย  Look back: no one’s bothered. You are loved.
Pah, you’ve seen the looks, the smirks, the sneers.
ย  ย  Thatโ€™s in your imagination.
Leave, leave now, start a new future.
ย  ย  The future comes, staysโ€”keep the past too.
Don’t leave then; you could just end it now.
ย  ย  You will be missed; turn around, go home…

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