Butterflyโ€™s Garden Of Eden

Author: Crystal Barker

Young caterpillar crawls upon the leaves of her world,
chewing, gnawing, growing.
She consumes her fated plant,
tired and ready for a changeย 
she canโ€™t understand.
Upon the brink of unknowingness,
instinctively, she spins,
twirling a protective sleeve around her being.
Hanging upon an empty leaf stem,
awaiting she knows not what,
her heartbeat slows and she falls into nothingness.
With a call from the universe
she awakens, finds her world cracking apart.
Her shell no longer a fortress,
she unfurls new wings, flaps them dry.
Upon a wind, blue butterfly gains altitude,
soaring into the current, rising, drifting.
From this view, she finds the dark, rich loam of the earth
decorated with flowers, filled with nectar of life.
She swirls her wings,ย 
fluttering into the purple royal light path,
and magnetically follows its beacon.
She alights at the base of the flower and meets her mate.
They unite in passion and combine their DNA
soon adding offspring to their realm.ย 
She now rises aloft, in wingbeats of figure eights.
Before her last breath she delights in theย 
overviewed beauty of her familyโ€™s rainbow bouquet.
In her maturity, she crossed over the chasm of unknowingness
and is content with the journey into her Butterfly Eden
as she completes her circle of life.

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