A Mornings Gratitude

Author: Jesse Wilson

Without a shadow of a doubt, I would gladly give thanks to this blue morning blessing if it wasnโ€™t for the icy body of air waiting to shiver through me when I rise.
I register each movement engulfed in an ocean of reluctance, wishing for more moments in blissful dream dominion. Yet, sadly, I know there is little chance, for when daybreak squints through the darkness with a smile and a promise, I surreptitiously find my morning lethargy pulls me into life.
I convince myself this is a new day to be thankful for, knowing in my mind an infinite storm rages beyond the confines of my head, provoking me to stop and lament over the carelessness of the raucous night wind. Oh, my treasured sleep lost forever longingly echoes over the rooftops and fences, leaving me with a yearning for what could have been.
Still, the bittersweetness pulls me towards the day I must inevitably face. A winter day sun will never thaw the inequity the powerless castigate. Privilege builds layer upon layer of permafrost, shielding delicious lifestyles from unconscious uncomfortable truths.ย 
Choices fork from one dimension to another, compelling me to settle going forward with the decisions I made and seek coherence amongst a multitude of murky thoughts. One thought too many, and we spiral out of control! Entangled with our past or muddled with the infinite possibilities of a future we may never behold.
What are we when we stop processing considerations but a series of instincts and impulses evolving and surviving with the little we know? Too big a question to grasp this early morning hour, so best let sleepless thoughts tumble endlessly and schedule a revisit for another day.
With the mental agility of a drunken navigator through a nightโ€™s fog, I ultimately discover a long overdue and welcoming beacon.
Adjusting my focus, I allow the hypnotic diffusing of coffee bean aromas to tug me closer. Casting its spell, neurons fire, spiralling messages, triggering action.
Mysteriously as the fragrance of the caffeine-infused liquid disappears, in its place, there becomes an acceptance of todayโ€™s gift coursing through my mind and body, ushering out the last of the night.
There is indeed much to be thankful for!

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