Guidelines - Manuscript

1. Send your poems (manuscript) ย in an attached word document. Send author bio, your name, contact details and any other content you wish to include in your book in a separate word document.
2. Please ensure your word document has – 1. title of book. 2. Your full name.ย 
3. There is a manuscript reading cost. This cost involves the reading of your manuscript for consideration of possible publication. ย 
4. Review Time will be anywhere between a week to a month from the date of your submission.
For any queries or questions, please feel free to Direct Message us on Instagram – @poetschoice or
email us onย poetschoice@hotmail.comย . You can also visit our website –ย

Send us Video Guideline -

1. The poem MUST be titled. The title of your poem must be specified as your file name.
2. Your name must be mentioned. The name you want us to use, whilst submitting.
3. File name must have the title of your poem and your name.
4. Please ensure your phone is kept in ‘Landscape’ position if you are recording using a mobile.